Friday, June 12, 2009

Gem Review: 1000 Journals

What an amazing ambitious thought experiment. "Someguy," always found himself fascinated with the anonymous nature of messages and drawings scrawled on bathroom walls. So he got the idea of creating a place where people could put something down.

He bought 1000 journals and send them out into the world a few at a time. He asked people to do art, say a few words and then pass it along to someone else.He left contact information and created a website where people could upload images and or send the entire journal back to him to scan. Visit the site at: The 1000 Journal Project.

Director Andrea Kreuzhage found people who made entries, passed it around to their friends and generally became totally jazzed about the idea. One man dedicated several pages to the people next in line to get book. One woman saw only hurtful intentions in his efforts. I felt sad for her wound. Art on the edge is bound to offend.

I like artsy, creative types who want to try to connect to people around the world. The director showed how such a project could go terribly right and wrong at the same time. Only a small fraction of the journals returned. Some saved only by being copied before sent back out on another world tour.

Let your creative juices flow and watch this great documentary. Bandon has the only copy of this DVD. I'll put in a request for the library to get the book as well.


Learn more at Amazon: 1000 Journals

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